SECURE CAR is Canada’s only premiere full service secure transportation company. SECURE CAR provides High Risk, High Value and High Asset solutions to both the private sector and commercial sector.

SECURE CAR works in tandem with CYNERGY close protection operators who will deliver exceptional service to it clients. SECURE CAR will ensure you have the appropriate driver and the appropriate vehicle assigned to you or your organization.

Vehicle incidents pose some of the biggest risks to clients during executive protection assignments. Unforeseen occurrences can create the potential for situations with serious consequences.

Our team is highly trained to detect and and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and deliver clients and their families or corporate property to their intended destination.

SECURE CAR brings safety and peace of mind to everyone at an affordable price. We eliminate the worry of driving and protect you from the unforeseen circumstances that occur in todays world.

Whether you are on business, pleasure or moving a high value item or document, SECURE CAR has the solution for you.

Full Escort Transportation

Many of our clients are executives who are flying in for a day or two don’t want to hassle with hailing cabs or taking buses or subways to their next appointment. For these clients, we provide reliable escort transportation for the entire duration of their visit. This means that we provided a dedicated driver (or rotating cadre of drivers, depending on the need) that are at the disposal of our client during his visit. This means no waiting – and given that our drivers also have a close protection background, it also means that our clients have a lot more peace of mind than they would if they were going from one cab to the next.

High Value/Risk Asset Transport

Trust SECURE CAR to move your most precious or sensitive possessions.

Why use a highly vulnerable and low security transportation or courier provider to move your valuables. With our internal vehicle security system we are able to provide a highly secure solution for moving your assets. Our select vehicles are equipped with full service security devices to allow for the highest level of transportation.

VIP and Celebrity Security

Our VIP and celebrity close protection specialists provide our clients with an appropriate level of protection and transportation in which they and their family members can go from place to place without the hassle or concern of safety breaches. 

Corporate Security

Many of our clients need to carry sensitive items from time to time. This can involve large sums of money, medical equipment, documents, and assets that are valuable to their company. Our job for these clients is to make sure that they get from Point A to Point B without any disruptions. We can provide secure devices for our clients’ assets and ensure a complete secure delivery of goods.

Executive Transportation

Executives who are in town for a few days of meetings or who are based here but need to get around town quickly do not want to drive themselves from place to place, and they don’t want to wait for the next cab to wander by. Because time is money, we have found that our clients prefer transportation that is ready on demand to transport their executives immediately and on demand. This service involves providing executive clients with a dedicated car and driver during the extent of their visit. 


SECURE CAR can operate anywhere are clients wish, if you arriving by air, land or sea our staff will be waiting for you at the pre-determined deployment location.

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